Can Lupus Increase The Risk Of Cancer?

Signs Of Lupus In Women
lupus symptoms
Signs Of Lupus In Women
Signs Of Lupus In Women

Lupus, a form of chronic autoimmune disorder, is found to increase the risk of several health conditions including heart diseases. Studies suggest that people suffering from this condition can have an increased risk of cancer which can be fatal if left unnoticed at the right time. Therefore, if you are suffering from this condition, you have to take great care to prevent the risk of conditions like cancer along with controlling your lupus symptoms.

Lupus can elevate the risk of different types of cancer in people. Some of them are listed below so that you can take effective preventive measures against them.

Lupus And Lymphoma

Lymphoma or cancer of the lymphatic system might develop from the disease activities caused by lupus. People with autoimmune disorders have an impaired immune system, hence, its functioning may not be proper. Also, the stimulation of B-cells can be high in people suffering from this condition. Experts suggest that these two reasons can be the contributing factors to the increased risk of lymphoma and other types of blood cancers in people suffering from lupus.

Additionally, some immunosuppressant medications used to treat lupus can also increase the risk of lymphoma in people with this disorder.

Lupus And Breast Cancer

Apart from the uncomfortable symptoms and signs of lupus in women, they can also have an increased possibility of developing breast cancer because of this condition. The increased estrogen levels in women with lupus might contribute to the chance of getting this condition.

Lupus And Lung Cancer

This type of cancer is about 1.4 times more common in lupus patients in comparison with the general population. Also, studies indicate that people with lupus and lung cancer are more likely to develop some rare forms of lung cancer.

But like the general population, smoking is one of the most common causes of lung cancer in lupus patients. Therefore, it is important for people suffering from this condition to quit smoking. In addition to reducing the risk of lung cancer, quitting smoking can help lupus patients to improve their cardiovascular health. This can be important for people with this autoimmune ailment, as the risk of cardiovascular diseases can be high in them.

Lupus And Cervical Cancer

Some studies show that the impaired immune system along with the use of immunosuppressant medications can be the reasons for the elevated risk of cervical cancer in lupus patients. These factors can reduce their immunity thereby making it difficult to fight HPV, a virus related to cervical cancer.

Therefore, if you have lupus, it is better to conduct cancer screenings occasionally so that you can detect the presence of this fatal condition at the beginning stages itself.