How To Effectively Prevent Lupus Flare Without Medications?

Lupus Rash
Lupus Rash
Lupus Diet
Lupus Diet

Lupus is an autoimmune ailment that affects any part of your body. What gives rise to lupus is still unknown and as of today, science has not yet come up with a cure for it. Therefore, all we can do right now if you have lupus is manage its symptoms. Health experts often recommend several lifestyle changes that can help in relieving the symptoms of lupus.

You need to know that it is currently impossible to prevent lupus but you can prevent the flare-ups if you know what causes them. To improve the overall life quality, you need to understand well how to prevent the flares of this autoimmune condition. Let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways to prevent the flares of lupus without taking any medications.

Try To Avoid Sunlight 

Too much exposure to sunlight can cause rashes and several other symptoms in people suffering from lupus; namely joint pain and fatigue. A study from 2014 indicates that cutaneous lupus erythematosus and lupus, both have photosensitivity as a common indicator. You should note that not everyone suffering from lupus suffer from photosensitivity.

However, it is very common in people with lupus than in people with other conditions. If you are sensitive to ultraviolet rays, you should stay away from the sun and avoid the flare-ups of lupus. If stepping out in the sun is unavoidable, then use high-factor sunscreens of 50+. That can easily protect your skin from both UVB and UVA radiation. Furthermore, ensure that you are clothed to cover your whole body.

Try To Avoid Toxins

In addition to sunlight, some other factors that can cause lupus flare-ups are toxins, including cigarettes smoke, and alcohol. Many studies have shown that smoking cigarettes and alcohol consumption can cause the flare-up of lupus. These toxins together with a few industrial chemicals may give way to genetic changes that can result in lupus. Therefore, you should completely avoid smoking, alcohol consumption, and exposure to harmful chemicals.

Try To Avoid Certain Foods

We have already discussed that lupus is an autoimmune disease, which occurs due to an overactive immune system. Some of the foods that you eat can enhance the function of your immune system, which is dangerous if you already have lupus. Therefore, you may have to avoid foods like alfalfa sprouts and garlic from your meals and plan a lupus diet that can help manage the condition better. Following a proper diet plan and avoiding foods that enhance your immune system can be very helpful for your lupus treatment.