What Are The Early Warning Signs Of Lupus


Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes swelling, among a host of other symptoms. Lupus affects different people differently, for some the symptoms are under control, while for others it is much severe.

The symptoms of lupus start in the wee years of adulthood, and progress through the years as you enter your 30s. People who are diagnosed with lupus often experience flare-ups, which is followed by a period of remission, where the ailment lies low. This is why many patients are late to realize and take action only later on, when the symptoms worsen.

The general early lupus symptoms that one can hope to experience include:

  • Fatigue And Tiredness

A good chunk- 90% of people with lupus, experience this symptom. For most, a quick nap can help ease the tiredness, but this may lead to insomnia at night. It may be difficult in the beginning, but sticking to a routine will help you keep your energy levels in check. Talk to your doctor, if you are finding trouble handling the lethargy.

  • Sudden Fevers

Lupus can cause fever to sprout up, for no apparent reason. The fevers are generally weak forms of fever with temperatures hovering from 98.50F to 1010F. You might not take note of it, especially because it being a low fever, because of which you will think it is inconsequential to visit a doctor.

A low fever is the result of inflammation, imminent flare-up and infections. If you are having an on and off fever, often, then it is time you make an appointment with your doctor as son.

  • Loss Of Hair

One of the symptoms of lupus is the thinning and subsequent loss of hair. The cause is the inflammation and reddening of the scalp that kills hair follicles and render an environment unsuitable for its regrowth. For some people, the hair comes out in clumps while for others there is gradual thinning of the hair. Thinning of the beard, eyelashes, eyebrows and body hair can also be added to the list, and not limited to only scalp hair.

The hairs feel lifeless, brittle and break-off seamlessly. Lupus treatment often results in hair regrowth but if you develop lesions on the scalp, then there will be permanent scar tissue formed, resulting in permanent hair loss.

  • Skin Rashes

Butterfly-shaped rashes are one of the trademark features of this ailment. It can appear on the cheeks to even the bridge of your nose. Half of all patients who are suffering from lupus, have this symptom- it worsens when exposed to sunlight.