Lupus: Fatal Or Not?

Is Lupus Fatal
Is Lupus Fatal Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disorder that affects various systems of the body, including the skin, joints, blood cells, and organs. It is caused by the immune system attacking healthy tissue, leading to inflammation and tissue damage. While lupus can be a severe and potentially life-threatening disease, it is not always fatal. What

How Does Lupus Affect Your Skin?

Lupus Symptoms
Lupus Symptoms Lupus is a condition that involves your immune system attacking different organs in the body including the skin. When this condition affects your skin, it is termed cutaneous lupus. About 10% of people with people have cutaneous lupus, and this condition is more likely to develop in people with systemic lupus. Lupus can create

How To Treat Your Lupus Rash?

How To Prevent Lupus
Lupus Rash Lupus, a form of autoimmune disorder, can affect different body parts including your joints, skin, and internal organs. This condition can cause a lot of symptoms like joint pain, nail changes, fatigue, fever, hair loss, etc. Another tell-tale symptom resulting from lupus is a skin rash that can develop on your face. This