Suppressed Immune System Can Worsen Lupus: What To Do?

Lupus Symptoms
Lupus Symptoms
Lupus Symptoms
Lupus Symptoms

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which essentially means that the immune system, which is supposed to safeguard the body and protect the healthy cells, ends up turning its back and instead begins to attack the body’s healthy cells itself. This creates plenty of undue damage and pain, with it’s “seek and destroy” game.

Now, even if the immune system is out-of-control and compromised, it will still do well against diseases. Doctors, for instance, take extreme care to not overly reduce the efficacy of the immune response; the immune system still has a role to play with defending the body against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Doctors in a bid to relieve the patient’s pain and lupus symptoms will supply them with immunosuppressants such as corticosteroids.

However, doing this on the regular puts your body in tremendous risk and that is why there is a need to make some lifestyle changes, to not only reduce the dependence on the said medications but to also reduce the risks to the immune system.

Protecting Yourself

We will be making a note of certain lifestyle changes that you must adhere to, to ensure that you mitigate the risks and allow your immune system to be vigilant.

  • Rest, Exercise And Diet

Don’t discard the importance of sleep and rest. Make sure that you get a good 7-8 hours of solid sleep every night, and not strain your body excessively during the day. Make sure to put some time each day for exercising. This ensures that your body stays in mint condition. Having a balanced, nutritional diet is important as well, and will ensure that your body is in good condition. Even with limited immune system functions, a healthy body can fight quite proficiently against diseases.

  • Wear Protection

“Prevention is better than cure”. Avoid the risk of going to places of large crowds or dirty areas. These risks can be mitigated further, by means of wearing protective gear like gloves and face masks.

  • Keeping Clean

Protection may be the first step, but cleanliness is the second. Make sure to keep your surroundings clean and manageable. Don’t let the dust settle in, and instead keep days of the week to keep your house and room clean. Make sure to wash up each day with antibacterial soap, and body washes. Spray down the house and furniture with anti-bacterial sprays, and keep the dangers at bay.

Taking small efforts will give your body a fighting chance against this disease. Give it every advantage it can!