Is Cannabidiol Oil For Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Effective?

Cannabidiol is a popular option in treating various conditions, including inflammation and pain, but is this substance effective for systemic lupus erythematosus? This is what we are delving into here.

There is no conclusive evidence as yet that cannabidiol oil can treat SLE in a safe way, although studies are being done to facilitate this. With research into CBD for lupus lacking, we should go on known things regarding cannabidiol and the things understandable from research on conditions with SLE-like pathology or symptoms. Eventually, CBD could catch the eye of lupus researchers for many reasons.

  • SLE contributes to a widespread occurrence of pain, including undertreated and untreated pain. Present treatments are imperfect, so there is a big incentive for manufacturers to come up with more effective drugs.
  • The opioid overdose epidemic or opioid addiction is a big issue for people, and it puts much strain on medical resources and police. Meanwhile, many pieces of research have revealed that when marijuana is legalized in an American state, it reduces the opioid prescription count. This is likely to attract the interest of doctors wishing to keep their patients safe, lawmakers looking for solutions, and law enforcement bodies battling the issue.
  • Much research implies that cannabidiol oil works effectively to counter inflammation and pain. SLE involves significant inflammation.
  • Much anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD is effective for individuals with lupus. This may not replace scientific evidence, but it is another thing which gets medical professionals interested.

Besides, a recent study that came in the journal ‘Cellular Immunology’ discovered that cannabidiol may change T-cells’ activity after trauma to the spinal cord. Abnormal T-cell-activity is thought to be part of lupus.

SLE can come with pain from nerve damage (neuropathy), and many studies imply that cannabidiol can ease such pain from sources like HIV and diabetes.

There are side effects of cannabidiol, but these are negligible.

So Should You Use It For Lupus?

You should not take treatment decisions lightly, and this also applies to alternative options such as CBD. Consider the benefits of CBD carefully, and do not forget to talk about this option to your doctor. Albeit you are legally allowed to consume it, your doctor has to be aware of the move. What if the dosage of CBD you plan to take is too little or too much? So just discuss the matter with the professional, and then decide.

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