What Are The Emotional And Mental Issues Due To Lupus?

Lupus Symptoms
Lupus Symptoms
Lupus Symptoms
Lupus Symptoms

The lupus symptoms can have a significant impact on the mental state and emotional wellbeing of people suffering from it. For example, people who have been living with lupus for several years or those who have been diagnosed with it recently usually have trouble concentrating or sleeping. Apart from this, they also experience fear, grief, anxiety, and depression. On top of these, there are physical discomforts as well. Both the physical and emotional issues result in mental health disorders in people suffering from lupus.

The pretension of this feature is to probe the mental health issues of lupus sufferers. The emotional and mental health issues due to lupus have multiple causes, and they are discussed in detail.

Outward Symptoms Of Lupus And Treatments

Visible symptoms of lupus include rashes like butterfly rash on the face and other body parts. Also, lupus is an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation, and it is treated using corticosteroids. This causes weight gain affecting the physical appearance of people suffering from this condition and thereby lowering their self-esteem.

Limitation To Activity And Work

Inflammation, pain, and fatigue create physical limitations for people suffering from lupus. As result, they might be forced to completely give up their job or reduce the amount of work. This can bring down self-confidence, create a sense of loss of purpose, and emotional distress due to loss of income.


Physical discomforts due to lupus can create negative feelings and make you feel fatigued. As a result, many people suffering from this condition cut down or eliminate social activities. They also do this because they are worried about their physical appearance and how others will perceive them. Due to these reasons, many of those who are living with lupus voluntarily choose social isolation.

Uncertainty Of The Future

Many of the people suffering from lupus have anxiety issues due to uncertainty regarding the progress of the disease. Apart from this, they are also worried about being physically dependent on others, and loss in income, etc.

Difficult Family Relationships

The emotional and mental issues can strain the family relationships of those living with lupus. There are multiple reasons for this like lupus symptoms will recur after a period of absence, and the lack of understanding of family about the emotional state of those suffering lupus, etc. Apart from this, the medicines used for treating lupus puts mental or emotional strain due to unavoidable side effects and the family members or friends being oblivious to this.