All That You Should Know About Neonatal Lupus

Lupus Treatment

Neonatal lupus is a congenital autoimmune disorder and the affected infants develop skin eruption or red rashes on skin. The potential complication associated with neonatal lupus is congenital heart block, and as it does not usually resolve in the first … Read the rest

Home Remedies for Treating Lupus

Lupus Treatment Guide

Lupus occurs when the immune system attacks your own organs and tissues. Inflammation caused by these attacks affects skin, brain, lungs, joints, blood cells, heart and kidneys. Lupus mainly affects women, but kids, men and elder people … Read the rest

Most Commonly Used Medications to Control Lupus Disease

Lupus Disease
Lupus Treatment Guide

Treatment for lupus disease depends on the symptoms and signs. Finding out whether both have to be treated and which drugs to use require a careful consideration of the risks these have and the benefits these offer.… Read the rest